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Reflux Ethanol Alcohol Distillation Unit

Perfect your distillation techniques with a personal, laboratory size, ethanol alcohol fuel distiller.

You can purchase a fuel distillation unit complete with all necessary equipment to distill high quality ethanol alcohol at home.

Produce fuel for your car, truck, boat, lawn mower, farm equipment, almost anything that runs on gasoline can be powered by ethanol with our alcohol still.

Start distilling your own fuel in a just days. Your excess ethanol can be sold for many times higher than fuel for use by pharmacies and other businesses.

Distillers that produce one gallon or less at a time are usually legal for personal use in most states. Check your local laws before operating a distiller.

Laws Governing Producing Spirits

Spirits may be produced for non-beverage purposes for fuel use only without payment of tax, but you also must file an application, receive TTB's approval, and follow requirements, such as construction, use, records and reports.

Ethanol Facts

Ethanol is an alcohol that is used in gasoline resulting in a cleaner-burning fuel with higher octane. Ethanol is currently blended into more than 50 percent of the nations fuel supply.

Ethanol has been blended in gasoline for decades and billions of miles have been driven on ethanol-blended fuels.

Corn is the primary feedstock for ethanol production. About 30 percent of the nation's corn supply went into ethanol in 2010, some 4.0 billion bushels. Ethanol can also be made from other grains such as sorghum as well as from biomass sources such as corn cobs, cornstalks, wheat straw, rice straw, switchgrass, vegetable and forestry waste and other organic matter.

Ethanol (grain alcohol) is used extensively in the pharmaceutical industry as well as the alcoholic beverage industry. Limited ethanol production without a permit is legal in most localities.

Ethanol has dramatically reduced the size of the checks America writes to foreign oil suppliers. As a renewable fuel we make right here, ethanol is keeping energy dollars at home to strengthen our economy and reduce the impact that oil shocks have on America's wallet.

  • For every gallon of petroleum-based fuel used in the entire corn ethanol production cycle, 13 gallons of ethanol are produced, according to a University of Nebraska study.
  • The U.S. imports 40% of it's petroleum requirements today - down about a third since 2005 thanks in part to renewable ethanol.
  • Thanks to ethanol, the U.S. reduced oil imports by 465 million barrels in 2012 - the equivalent of about 12% of total U.S. crude imports.
  • The value of crude oil displaced by by ethanol amounted to $47.2 billion in 2012.
  • Having homegrown ethanol in America's fuel supply has helped consumers save billions of dollars at the pump.

    More Ethanol Facts ...

    Making fuel to operate your car, truck, boat, or lawnmower has never been easier. Even if your car is not Flex Fuel or E-85 ready, we have a solution.

    Distilling your own fuel is legal, with a no-fee permit issued by the Federal Government. Not only that, but you will qualify for a 38 to 60 cent per gallon Tax Refund for every gallon you distill.

    We can show you how to produce gallons of fuel from a bushel of corn or a few pounds of sugar, and how to cut your fuel costs to as little as $1.20 a gallon or even less!

    Reflux Still Set Up

    Imagine never filling up at a gas station again. Imagine how you'll feel when you are energy independent.

    This is a simple, straight forward, process which has been tested and improved upon for centuries. Throughout the ages mankind has been making beer, wine, and whisky. This is the same, basic process. Just assemble your ingredients, set up your equipment, and become energy independent almost over night!

    Another bright note is that you will be certain that not another dollar of your money is headed to the Mid-East to support countries who support or shelter terrorists.

    Dear Distillation,
    I bought the small unit 2 months ago. I didn't know how good I would be at this so I kept it minimal. Now I see how easy and cheap it is, so I am ordering a larger distiller.
    I am selling my original unit to a neighbor for more than I paid for it!


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    Thank you for excellent communication and service. My brother let me know the still was delivered. I had a great customer experience and I will be looking forward to doing business again in the future.

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    Alcohol Fuel

    The law states that alcohol produced at an Alcohol Fuel Plant (AFP) is restricted to be exclusively for fuel use. The law, however, does not contain a definition of fuel use. TTB interprets the term to mean only the use of alcohol in motor fuel products that decrease the U.S. reliance on petroleum.

    Many More Uses

    Ethanol has many uses other than just fuel. As a producer of ethanol you may also be eligible to sell to pharmaceutical companies, distillers and wineries. Fortified wine is wine with higher than usual ethanol content. Pure ethanol is sold for uses other than fuel at up to $70.00 per gallon or more!

    Moonshine Still
    Moonshine Still

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    Our Distillation Units
    Are ideal for Farmers, Ranchers, Commuters, RVers, or anyone else who is spending way too much for fuel.

    With gasoline at $4.00 a gallon you can make a gallon of ethanol from a few pounds of sugar and some yeast.
    All instructions and recipes are available.

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    Get a Tax Refund for producing Ethanol

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    Get a Permit to Distill, No Charge

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    70 Page PDF Reflux Distiller Instructions, Only $29.00!

    This PDF Manual has precise, easy to read and understand, complete instructions for constructing 2 versions of the reflux still, which produces the highest quality product most efficiently. Make payment and get download link via email. Free to share with friends!

    If there is ANY problem with receiving or downloading the link to the PDF manual, Email me right away!

    Save Even More After Tax Refund on Fuel By Distilling it Yourself

    Under Federal rules administered by TTB, it depends on how you use the still. You may not produce alcohol with these stills unless you qualify as a distilled spirits plant. However, owning a small still and using it for other purposes is allowed. You should also check with your State and local authorities - their rules may differ.

    A still is defined as apparatus capable of being used to separate ethyl alcohol from a mixture that contains alcohol. Small stills (with a cubic distilling capacity of a gallon or less) that are used for laboratory purposes or for distilling water or other non-alcoholic materials are exempt from our rules. If you buy a small still and use it to distill water or extract essential oils by steam or water extraction methods, you are not subject to TTB requirements. If you produce essential oils by a solvent method and you get alcohol as a by-product of your process, we consider that distilling. Even though you are using and recovering purchased alcohol, you are separating the alcohol from a mixture -distilling.

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    Two Frequently Overheard Lies About Ethanol

      1) Ethanol Production Uses Up 25% Of US Corn Production.
          Actually, ethanol production 'uses up' 0% US corn production. After the ethanol is extracted the corn is returned to the market and used as animal feed, etc. No Bio-mass is lost from ethanol production.

      2) Farm Subsidies For Corn Increase The Price Of Corn.
          Actually, farm subsidies REDUCE the price of corn. That is what subsidies are for. If the farmer has a bad crop he receives a subsidy rather than being forced to charge more for his stunted crop.

      Who would profit from spreading these lies? It is time for all of us to become as fuel independent as possible!

      Flextek bi-fuel converter

      FlexTek is a bi-fuel converter that utilizes its own standalone CPU to enable the vehicle's fuel system to burn ethanol (E85), gasoline, or any blend of the two fuels, the vehicle's original computer is not bypassed. The vehicle continues to be controlled by the original sensors and ECU, but in such a way as to allow efficient burning of alcohol blends.

      FlexTek installation does not alter the originality of a vehicle. FlexTek plugs into the vehicle's existing wiring harness without cutting or splicing. FlexTek is easily removed leaving your car completely unaltered. We highly recommend that you treat your engine with the included E85 Engine Preparation Kit (Engine Treatment and Fuel Treatment) before running on alcohol. This helps clean the fuel system and protects the engine from corrosion.


    Distillation units are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship.
    We are not responsible for problems caused by abuse or unintended use of our products.

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